Exhibition of photos, observation by telescope, presentation of astronomical tools of locality

Organizing institution: Kuny Domonkos Museum

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FoldrajzEjszakajaThe program projected for the Night of Geography by the Kuny Domonkos Museum (Öregvár) of Tata is in the period of 15–20 o’clock on the 6th April (Friday).

An astrophoto exhibition is made for this event, during the afternoon (from 17 o’clock) there is an opportunity for an informal talk/guided tour with two photographers.

Besides this the observation of the sunset is possible with a telescope suitable for it and knowing two astronomical tools of locality (theodolite and sextant) by the contribution of the TIT Posztoczky Károly Observatory and Museum.

Both children and adults are awaited are expected with small playful tasks related to the topic under the aegis of the program.

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